Awesome Ajuna Avatars

Page updated: February 15, 2023

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Collect, mint, forge and become Legendary NFT. Awesome Ajuna avatars season 1 started February 10th. Create most legendary AAA avatar.


AAA Game - Awesome Ajuna Avatars

Collect, mint, forge and become Legendary. The age of the Battlemogs is coming and AAA is here to provide you exclusive content and addictive fun inspired by Ajuna studios upcoming game.


Each season will be based on a specific Ajuna Network game theme. The first season is based around the Mogwai creatures from Battle Mogs, Ajuna’s flagship game.

Every season will start at a fixed date. For the first 48 hours, only whitelisted addresses are able to mint AAA. Afterwards, everyone can start minting. Once the fifth Legendary AAA is forged, the season will end and no more can be forged, other than free minting.

A Legendary AAA is an item where every variation is at the highest level. Legendary AAAs can evolve into the highest and rarest form, “The Mythical AAA”.


AAA are NFTs that can be minted. Minting is always related to a specific, unique season. Each season is time limited and once it ends, no more AAAs for this theme can be minted.

When an AAA is first minted, each variation is set to the lowest level. For each season, there are over 5 million possible variations. In order to mint an AAA, you need to pay both a minting fee and a transaction fee, both of which are payable in BAJU. Minting may be incentivized through batch discounts or discouraged through minting cooldowns.


Forging is a way to sacrifice and burn two or more AAAs for one higher-level AAA. In order for this to work, both AAAs must have a certain number of similar variations. Forging will enhance the lowest level variations present in the AAA. Forging is an irreversible process. Once a Legendary NFT is forged, it will be announced on the network to let everyone know that a new Legend has been born!


Legendary AAAs will be very special in the Ajuna & Bajun ecosystem. The idea is to make them usable as in-game assets in as many games as possible. In addition, they will attain a governance right when they reach mythic status. Some of the rewards of holding a legendary AAA are yet to be revealed…