Cave World

Page updated: July 16, 2024

Cave world is an immersive turn-based PVP battle game where players strategically fight one another using an assortment of unique abilities and items. Built for true gamers.



Originally built for The Crypto Cavemen Club, and now expanding to the entire gaming community, Caveworld is a new and exciting metaverse opportunity where players can explore, battle, level-up, and earn rewards along the way. The more you play, the more you earn!

The Battle Arena

The Arena is the ultimate battleground where Cavemen will battle! It is the old-fashioned way for cavemen to solve their differences, and we are bringing it to the metaverse! For Play-to-Earn profiles, each Caveman can challenge other Cavemen 3 times per day, and can be challenged another 3 times.

Matching: Battle opponents will be assigned by an algorithm that matches two fighters with similar total values. Once you are matched with another Caveman, both players will have a short period of time to prepare for battle. Both players can also view some information about their opponent, including their class and levels.

Preparation: In this short period of time prior to battle, both players will have the opportunity to equip their Caveman with weapons and items that will be the most beneficial for the battle. Additionally, it’s during this preparation, that players can utilize their consumables and hire pets to help fight their opponent.

Battle: During the battle, players will be able to control their movement and trigger some effects from their abilities. However, attacks are automated, and many ability effects will take place passively. This happens thanks to the RNG mechanics inside the game, which guarantee random, fair, and balanced fights.

Outcome: The battle ends when a Caveman has reached 0 Hit Points, meaning they lost the battle. Both Cavemen receive experience points, but the winner will gain more, helping them get closer to leveling up. Additionally, winners have a small chance of receiving a valuable asset drop, instantly!

Exploration Mode

Instead of actively fighting in the Battle Arena, players have an alternative way of passively participating in Caveworld. In Exploration Mode, you can keep your Caveman occupied by locking/staking him, and sending him to explore! Cavemen will return from their explorations with various rewards, which players can use or sell. In summary, this allows you to farm your Caveman, and keep him from fighting during a period of time. Each exploration opportunity will happen in different areas and will be open for a limited amount of time. We aim for new explorations to be available quite often!