Crypto Gladiator League

Page updated: June 21, 2024

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Crypto Gladiator league is a trading RPG game utilizing the in-game currency. In the world of Crypto Gladiator, players can collect, combat and occupy land to maximize their revenue.



Crypto Gladiator League blockchain game

In the game, every gladiator is NFT. Gladiators can be transferred to multiple blockchain networks. They can be upgraded to level 70, and with every upgrade, more attributes will be unlocked. Upgrading a gladiator adds up to its value. Gladiator pieces of equipment are also NFTs and can be traded as well. Every gladiator can be equipped with different items such as weapons, armors, or accessories to improve their attributes and skills. There are hundreds of equipment in the game currently, and they are divided into five levels or tiers: normal, advanced, scarce, elite, and legendary.

Players can compete in two different combat fields right now: unlocked combat fields provide experience and basic equipment, and endless combat field levels provide scarce equipment (tier 3) and more experience. Players also might be interested in occupying lands for continuous profit. By occupying enemy lands, players can capture those lands for themselves. Other players can combat for the land as well: more lands mean more profit for all players.


Crypto land

Protocols backed by smart contracts

Continue to generate profits which can be transferred to wallet.


All gladiators and equipment are created as NFT assets which can be traded on-chain to ensure the security.


Each gladiator is generated with unique appearance and attributes through random algorithm.

Market place

As NFT assets, gladiators and equipment can be traded without any limits, more scarce items are more profitable.