Miner Arena

Page updated: July 16, 2024

Miner Arena has player vs creature (PvE) and player vs player (PvP) game modes. It allows miners to participate in decision-making on the platform they use, make in-game purchases and earn profits through staking.


Miner Arena

Miners need to have a NFT Character for playing the game. Miners will get a shovel for digging and stick for defending/attacking. Main target is finding the treasures which stored underground in the chest and kill other miners for their inventory. As much as NFT&items miners get in the game they will incrase their winning ratio. For example, if miners buys a nft weapon, they can have advantage for defending or attacking in the game. If the miners buy detector they have more % to find treasures than their opponents.

Arena mode

  • 20 miners will be participating in exhibition for big award in arena with AI Controlled Giant legend (Cecci).If the miners able to kill the giant boss, they will start fighting for big reward.
  • 20 miner spends their $MINAR for joining the arena. This $MINAR’s will be collected in a prize pool.

Open world

Open world is a PVP place where miners seek for gold $MINAR. If the Miner kill another miner he/she will be able to gain %15 of the gold $MINAR accuried from the died miner.

If the Miner dies with their own mistake %15 of his/her $MINAR goes back to gaming ecosystem

Notice: All the wins/loses (items $MINAR’s etc.) happens from the inventory. Treasures in the property will be not effected Miners can buy items, food, water, potions and all other needings from the AI Controlled NPC(Non-player-character).

Duel mode

A duel mode in a game is a gameplay mode where two players compete against each other in a head-to-head battle. In this mode, each player has their own unique set of abilities, weapons, and tactics that they can use to defeat their opponent.

Winner will get the prize which is collected in the prize pool.