Plant Crossing

Page updated: March 16, 2023

Meet Plant Crossing — a Web 3.0 GameFi & SocialFi project, combining crypto & blockchain with the latest AR & LBS technology, targeting the next killer app for massive adoption in the crypto space


Plant Crossing game

The AR based 3D mode will be introduced in the future release along with location based gameplay to connect Avalon from virtual into reality, a world that players never experienced before. With the cutting edge AR technology, the project also plans to support AR based digital collectibles showroom for users to show off to other visitors.

How to play

Plant Crossing is a web 3.0 based mobile app to be available on App Store and GooglePlay early 2023. Players can download the app from both stores to join the world of Avalon.

Players will start the journey with one free trail land and one free trail Botan provided by the system. The land can be acquired through Avalon Land Minting Events or from the official NFT marketplace. The botans on the other hand can be acquired through airdrops, breeding and special premium sale events.

The Open Alpha stage allows players to walk in the real world while earning certain rewards based on the productivity of their botans on the lands. More attractive gameplay with SocialFi mode will be introduced later.

Players will need to plant their Botans on the land they own in order to let their Botans to produce valuable resource in the world of Avalon. After homelands being created, players can now participate in the first gameplay mode of Plant Crossing, walk and earn.

The core of Plant Crossing is to connect people from virtual to reality. Incentivizing players to walk in the real world is the first step to begin the entire journey. Once players get used to this new healthy and rewarding habit, there will be more joyful experience they will get while exploring the unknown metaverse of various fantasy botans in the world of Avalon.


Players in Plant Crossing will be able to trade digital collectibles of Avalon world in the in-house marketplace. In Open Alpha stage, Botan and Land are supported. The marketplace is fully decentralized on BNB Chain. Users can also transfer the digital collectibles outside on other marketplaces that supports BNB Chain.

The current marketplace will only support simple buy/sell mode. Bidding mode will be supported in the future. In addition, the initial marketplace only supports BNB as its trading currency.