Page updated: April 16, 2024

The app integrates into all major fitness tracking devices, which unlocks convenience and exposure to millions of athletes and casual sports fans.

Primal APP

App gamifies fitness, leveraging biometric data from any fitness tracker enabling users to earn from any work out and drive competition on global leaderboards.

PRIMAL is exercise-agnostic - while other apps are limited to one type of exercise, PRIMAL encompasses all sports, including but not limited to CrossFit, Boxing, Weightlifting, Running, Karate, swimming, cycling and others – opening much larger user growth opportunities.

Other features of the app include:

  • Fitness app connecting users and athletes (celebrity and fitness professionals)
  • Inner Circle feature for athletes to offer services such as training camps, meal plans, challenges, exclusive merch & NFTs and connecting with their audience
  • Fan tokens with global superstar athletes
  • Marketplace to buy, sell and rent PRIMAL NFTs
  • Purchase physical & digital goods from athletes and brands using credit cards via our FIAT onramp or $PRIMAL
  • Rewards you in $ENRGY for ANY workout
  • Biometric data showing your workout and $ENRGY earnings