Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars

Page updated: May 22, 2024

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The core gameplay is a turn-based semi automatic card battle. It is based on the successful gameplay mechanics created by games such as Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering, and games such as Clash Royale. Battles take place in one of the player’s original kingdom habitats, the kingdom habitat will show in the background of the battlefield.


Rebel Bots - Xoil Wars

The goal of the game is to create a fun and fast skill based game. It will be the type of game which takes “30 minutes to learn and lifetime to master”. Players will be able to play it both in single player mode (adventure) and in multiplayer mode (PvP).

The core gameplay is a turn-based semi automatic card battle. It is based on the successful gameplay mechanics created by games such as Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering (built for the more hardcore players), and games such as Clash Royale (built for the casual mobile gamers).

Like the above mentioned games, the Rebel Bots game will also be conducted between two sides, each with their own cards and abilities battling to destroy the other side’s characters by choosing which cards to play and how to play them in order to achieve the upper hand in the battlefield.

Not all cards are equal, some cards are more rare than others and therefore more powerful, however they will require the player to exhaust more energy to use them. In addition to the cards in their hand, players will also be granted a special ability he can use in battles that comes from the kingdom he/she is situated in.

Apart from the battles, players will invest their time collecting and building the best and most balanced “decks” of cards which will give them the edge in battles. Creating the right deck of cards will require players to spend time learning the different abilities and types of cards.

Adventure mode (PvE)

The adventure mode is the single player mode in the Rebel Bots game. Players will be able to progress in this mode between various levels, each level will reward players with Xoil if they complete it. In the adventure mode, players travel between various habitats on Xoilium with the goal to complete missions and clear locations of hostile aliens which drink the Xoil from the planet’s soil only to use it later for malicious attacks against bases.

Playing the adventure mode doesn’t cost any energy to play, however there is a limit to the amount of Xoil players can earn per day by playingthe adventure mode.

The amount of Xoil in each mission varies and divided into 3 different amounts, players will need to complete the mission 3 times to gather the full amount of Xoil, every mission will have a different difficulty level.

In the adventure mode From every Xoil players earn, a portion will be given to the kingdom lord and another portion will be added to the kingdom treasury.

In the beginning of every season the missions will be changed and players will be able to continue playing the maps and earn more Xoil.

Multiplayer Mode (PvP)

The player vs player mode (PvP) is a multiplayer game mode allowing players to battle their Fighting bot team against other players’ teams. PvP is also the main way for players to earn Xoil, Spark and collect parts.

Players are matched together based on their MMR, players with similar MMR will be matched against one another and the result of the battle will determine the amount of MMR each player will gain or lose. In addition the higher the MMR difference between the players.

Playing PvP costs one energy per battle, when the player has no energy left he can still continue to play the PvP mode however he will only be able to gain MMR and not the other resources.

The Xoil and Spark rewards from winning PvP battles are based on the MMR and league player is in while the chance of getting a new part is random.