Sidus Heroes

Page updated: April 16, 2024

Web browser
Sidus Heroes is a pioneering Web3 space based gaming metaverse with epic lore, tradable tokens and valuable resources. Your Hero's progress is saved between multiple games under one inter-planetary ecosystem and a groundbreaking profit sharing Module System.


Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes is a multiplayer open world futuristic metaverse inhabited by NFT Heroes. Players begin their journey by purchasing a Genesis Hero or Sidus Academy Card NFT, which transforms into their character. Characters are assigned to one of Sidus’ twelve factions, each with its own planet. Factions include Etheredus, Bitcoione and Solantrum. 


Nidum Arena Battler is a turn-based arena game within the SidusMetaverse, accessible via WebGL browsers. Immerse yourself in a world where three warlike races collide in high-intensity arenas. Equip your heroes with weaponry, gadgets and armor for unparalleled power. The game is built on a Layer 2 solution and incorporates the Module Economy concept.


Xenna is a fusion of real-time strategy and Battle Royale mechanics inside the Sidus heroes Metaverse. It is a pioneering, Web3-based, gaming ecosystem featuring epic lore, tradable tokens and valuable resources. Play as a robot operator in a 10-player match, capture towers, deploy robots and weather the final storm for coveted rewards.


Tembazar is the Sidus Metaverse’s adrenaline-pumping, browser-based, 3rd-person shooter. Dive into dynamic gameplay as you explore captivating locales on the tumultuous Temb Azar planet. Use advanced weaponry and technology to secure valuable resources. Customize your cyborgs with a variety of build components, adjust your strategy and defeat your enemies!


Asterally is a hybrid-casual game within the Sidus Heroes Metaverse, designed specifically for Telegram users. You must pilot a spaceship, dodging asteroids while collecting coins. Enhanced visuals and dynamic lighting enhance the experience. The objective is to outmaneuver competitors, gathering ammo and rewards so as to outlast them.

Sidus Market

Sidus Market is the ultimate NFT store where you can trade items from every project within the SIDUS Metaverse. The trading process takes place in accordance with the Dutch Auction principles.

Dutch Auction: This is an auction format where initially, the highest price for the item being sold is announced, and then bids decrease until the first buyer agrees to the price at which the item is sold.Before the start of a Dutch Auction (DA), a registry of all NFTs in the metaverse available for sale is created, known as the Drop List.The number of slots put up for sale is determined by the number of unique users who have visited the site in the last 24 hours, with a minimum number of slots that can be designated independently.After the DA starts, NFTs are selected from the Drop List, taking into account the probabilities of selection. These NFTs are assigned ordinal numbers and listed for sale.The starting price for each lot varies based on:

  • Collection
  • Quality
  • Project
  • Type

After the first batch is listed, users can visit the Drop List section to see how many and which NFTs are still available for sale.Dutch Auction Rules:

  • Time between price drops: 10 minutes
  • Percentage decrease in price: 2.5% from the previous price
  • Time until the issuance of a new batch of cards: 6 hours
  • Number of cards in a batch: depends on online activity at the time of issuance
  • The time interval size for counting the number of users: 24 hours
  • There is no minimum price threshold