Sleepless AI

Page updated: June 23, 2024

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Sleepless (AI) is the blockchain game that uses AI technology to enhance players' experience in various ways, especially in terms of emotions and realistic feelings. Captivating characters with distinct qualities will be your virtual friend, companion, and partner even. There's no limitation on how these characters can enrich your life with unconditional emotional support - you'll never feel alone or isolated again.


How Does Sleepless AI Work?

Sleepless AI (AI) is and will remain a free-to-play game, with two different versions targeting different groups of players: HIM and HER. All players get to interact with the entire selection of characters, but to secure the one ideal for you, you'll need to turn him/her into your soul-bounded token - bound to you only and never tradable, because love cannot be traded, right?

Even though fiat, stablecoins, BNB and AI can all be used to acquire in-game diamonds for NFT, mystery box, Gacha and some feature purchases, AI is the only accepted token for governance, revenue sharing, top-up discount.

  • After users enter the world of HIM/HER, they will be assigned a non-tradable SBT, which will represent their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Users can interact with their virtual boyfriend/girlfriend through a website or app, engaging in activities like conversing, changing outfits, and feeding him/her. He/she will become an integral part of your daily life, serving as a reminder of the weather, a daily alarm clock, and even accompanying you to sleep.